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The Film Actors Academy London UK provides an Educational Programme for Film Actors & Actresses to learn and demonstrate the techniques and skill-sets of our award winning Principles of Film Acting through measured competencies with each class holding on average 10 members at any one time.  

As part of our education programme, when members are ready, they will be assessed and scored accordingly to achieve any of our graded awards within our selected movies, show reels and written exam (80% Practical and 20% Theory).


Additionally every Academy member has the opportunity to audition for every Film the Academy produces in line with Casting Character Profiles.

Our A List success rate is measured on TV & Film acting paid placements involving well known production companies and actors/actresses around the world (BBC - HBO - Amazon Originals and Legendary). 

With currently 48 active members mastering & studying the FACTA Principles, our A List success rate (Dialogue scenes with A List Companies & Actors)  is measured (monthly) currently at 21% not including commercials (27%) during education after members securing an acting agent and spotlight registration.

As of May 2022 there are 2 places available to join the Academy for both Experienced Actors and Beginners.


2018 / 2019 / 2020 / 2021 - Film Actors Academy members have secured Principle Dialogue Castings with the BBC

Vic Zander "Eastenders" & Irina Kara "Killing Eve" (Scene via our review video).

Legendary Pictures / Warner Brothers "Dune" (Richard Carter) HBO (Shaila Alvarez)  Amazon Originals & Netflix "Gangs of London" Sony Pictures (Jennifer K Preston) Amazon Originals "The Wheel of Time" "Emmerdale" and Granada's "Coronation Street"

the film actors academy

For Adult Actors & Actresses, click on the pictures above to book in for your free sample lesson at FACTA, dates provided to choose from on application.

irina kara facta.png

 Killing Eve with Academy Member Irina Kara.

Film Actors Academy Actress Irina Kara receives her  FACTA Honourable mention award, we are very proud of her and look forward to seeing her in one of our new productions later this year. 

Congratulations Irina!  


Celebrating 10 Years of Training and Making Movies at The Film Actors Academy. 

irina cara.png

If you would like to know more about joining the Film Actors Academy please email us at introducing yourself and what you are looking for in further education or click below to find out how to book in your free sample lesson. 

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