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2018 / 2019 / 2020 - Film Actors Academy members have secured Principle Dialogue Castings with the BBC

(Vic Zander Eastenders & Irina Kara Killing Eve / scene below) 

Legendary Pictures (Richard Carter) HBO (Shaila Alvarez)  Amazon Originals & Netflix  Gangs of London.

We also make our own award winning films and sponsor the  yearly event I AM Film Awards London UK  

The Film Actors Academy provides an Educational Programme for Film Actors & Actresses to learn and demonstrate the techniques and skill-sets of our 30 core Principles of Film Acting through measured competencies with each class holding between  5 and 10  members at any one time. 

(Written and developed by Paul J Lane Multi-Award Winning Film Director and Professional NVQ Qualified Coach).  

As part of our education programme, when members are ready, they will be assessed and scored accordingly to achieve any of our graded awards within our selected movies, show reels and written exam (70% Practical and 30% Theory).

Additionally every Academy member has the opportunity to audition for every Film the Academy produces in line with Casting Character Profiles.

Our A List success rate is measured on TV & Film acting paid placements involving well known production companies and actors/actresses around the world (BBC - HBO - Amazon Originals and Legendary). 

With currently 50 active members mastering & studying the 30 Principles, our A List success rate (Dialogue scenes with A List Companies & Actors)  is measured (monthly) currently at 22% not including commercials (30%) during education after members securing an acting agent and spotlight registration.

paul j lane

The Feature Film 16/03 Directed by Paul J Lane & Danny Darren win Best Screenplay at The UK National Film Awards. Producers Tony Fadil & Trevor Clarke were also there to receive this prestigious award with Film Actor Academy and Cast Member Carl Talbot.


They were all amongst great company and competition with Idris Elba winning Best Director (Yardie) and Micheal Caine winning Global contribution to Motion Picture.


A personal message of gratitude and thanks goes to everyone who supported us on this very inspiring evening.

film actors academy

Academy class dates below

July 2020

Sunday 19th July 11-4pm On-line 

Sunday 26th July 11-4pm On-line 

August 2020

Saturday 8th Augst 12-5pm On-line 

Tuesday 11th August 12-4pm Camden

Saturday 15th August 12-5pm On-line

Tuesday 18th  August 12-4pm Camden

Saturday 22nd August 12-5pm On-line

Tuesday 25th August 12-5pm On-line

Actor's Mindset by Design - 5 Minute Video - Paul J Lane - The Film Actors Academy - Camden

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If you have any questions, please reach out via one of our contact forms on the classroom or on-line classes page.

Filmmakers submit your film to Indie Film Rocket for release.


The latest Academy Film "All The Lonely People" begins filming on 6th July 2020 which is due for release on Indie Film Rocket 21st October 2020.


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