Paul J Lane currently holds 19 IMDb personal awards for Directing,

Film Making and Screen Writing.

Notable wins  Best Humanitarian Director / Producer 

Los Angeles Hollywood Film Awards

Outstanding Achievement Berlin Flash Film Festival

Cinema Academy Award Delhi International Film Festival 

Best Drama Los Angeles Film Awards

Best Director Festigious International Film Festival

Best Director & Best Screenplay South Film and

Arts Academy Festival

Notable nominations Best Feature Film & Best Thriller 

National Film Awards, UK

Best Feature Film Cardiff International Film Festival.


Paul is the Founder and Head Film Acting Coach at

The Film Actors Academy in London.

His film awards range from Directing, Acting, Cinematography, Musical Score and Script Writing. 

One of his biggest passions is developing actors and actresses in reaching their goals and aspirations on screen. 

He works on the foundation of Knowledge, Strategy and Delivery with his Clients performances and profile branding.

Paul J Lane is the Founder & Director of Operations at The I AM Film Awards.

16/03 Major Distribution release in US & Canada November 2019  Directed by Paul J Lane.

To see the Actors that Paul has Directed in Film, click on his photo above.

Film Trailer for YELLOW winner of 11 IMDb Awards

Written & Directed by Paul J Lane.