Highlighted Film Scenes from Film Actors Academy productions and FACTA Distinction Awarded Members. 


FACTA Film Production All The Lonely People (Winner of 4 IMDb Awards & 3 Nominations).

Academy Members Vicky Peirson & Peter Agnelli.

Academy Member Daniel Pomerance.

Academy Member Lindsey Peel. 

Academy Member Daniel D Skinner. 

Opening narrative for All The Lonely People

with Katrina Ross.

Academy Member Vic Zander.

Web Crawler Poster 2021 Landscape .jpg

FACTA Production Web Crawler Film Series 2021-2022.

Opening Web Crawler narrative with Tony Fadil.

Academy Member Simon Gibbons. 


Academy Member Matthew Michaelson. 

film yellow.jpg

FACTA Film Production Yellow

(Winner of 11 IMDb Awards).

Academy Members Katrina Ross & Julian Gamm.

FACTA Film Production The Lethal Game.

FACTA Film Production The Lethal Game.

Academy Members Kudzi Synos  &

Gerard Thorton 

Academy Film Coach & Director Paul J Lane.