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The video conferencing software is very easy to use and does not require sign in, it can be accessed via mobile and desktop devices with just one software download (zoom) the first time you click on your class meeting link (Full details on how to do this at the bottom of this page).

Your Film Coach will provide the unique class link on each day before the lesson begins via text message, or email.

Your classes include performing on line with your Film Coach and recorded for your own personal passworded playback and analysis afterwards.

Video conferencing recommendations.

Earphones and Microphones.

If at all possible, whether you are watching from a mobile device, computer, lap-top or iPad, it will be easier for you to concentrate with earphones and if you do have an external microphone you can use, this will enable more clarity when you speak during the video conferencing  however this is not essential as most devices have a decent microphone.

Your Room.

The room you choose to use at home should be quiet and away from others. It is also recommended that if you do have others in your household, let them know you are in a meeting whilst asking for quietness

during lesson time. Additionally let them know you will be taking frequent breaks if they need you at any time.


As lessons will  be the usual length of 4 hours with regular reflective breaks, it will be important to have a comfortable chair at home whilst attending the lesson on line, a pillow maybe helpful when sitting on your chair.


Whether you are interacting through a computer, iPad, mobile or laptop, please ensure it is at eye level as described on the NHS link below, this will help you concentrate and be more comfortable when learning with the benefits of best posturing under your own health and safety at home.

Drinks & Food.

Of course in your own home, you can eat and drink as much as you like when in the virtual reality classroom, all we ask is you MUTE your microphone when eating and be mindful of your hot drinks.

Class & Course content.

Geek Corner.

Behind The Scenes study.

Retro Academy.


Film Study.

12 months learning the award winning educational programme (30 Principles of Screen Acting).


2 days per month with one show reel film scene to demonstrate your newly acquired skill set after 12 months.



4 days per month education with a full show reel package (3 scenes) to demonstrate your newly acquired skill set after 11 months.

"Creating Future Memories Together"

When your course begins, each class date is matched with all student availability at the beginning of each month.

Each lesson has personalised filming to analyse your performances from scripted scenes given in advance.

We aspire to have a healthy culture for learning and ask for good energy and concentration in class. 


Mobile phones are to be kept on silent/vibrate during learning time but if you are expecting an urgent call, please let your film coach know at the beginning of the day. 


When classes are being operated, there is mainly one rule to stick by which is feedback will only come from the Film Acting Coach and not the classroom.

On average, you will receive 2 to 3 new skills for acting per class, there may be more on occasion however this is generally the case in relation to learning with effective demonstration from the member.

We aim to film all performances with your consent which will be uploaded to our website film hub where you can analyse your performances and discuss with your coach the next time you attend.

Your monthly premium and deposit covers your 2 lessons per month one (1 free show reel scene) or 4  lessons per month (3 free show reel scenes) after your 12 months period.

This is what you will normally see when clicking on the class room link that is sent for each day for the on-line class. 

The first time you see this, you will need to click the download & run zoom link. 

You will only need to do this once and then the next time you just click on open zoom meetings.

The part-time (2 days per month) Film Actors Academy Course pricing is as follows:

£150 per month plus a deposit of £125 (Total premium £1925)

or £1750 as a lump sum premium or 2 x six monthly instalments of £900 total premium £1800).

The full-time (4 days per month) Film Actors Academy Course pricing is as follows:

£300 per month plus a deposit of £275 totalling £3875

(£3550 as a lump sum premium or 2 x six monthly instalments of £1800 total premium £3600). 

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Academy class dates below

Complete the form above to reserve your first on-line acting class and try before you buy. Dates listed below, check now for availability.

January 2021

Friday 22nd Jan  12-4pm On-Line

Tuesday 26th Jan 12-4pm On-Line

Sunday 31st Jan 12-4pm On-Line

February 2021 

Saturday 6th 12-4pm On-Line  

Tuesday 9th or Wednesday 10th Camden 

Tuesday 16th Feb 12-4pm Camden

Sunday 21st Feb 12-4pm On-Line 

Tuesday 23rd Feb 12-4pm Camden 

March 2021 

Tuesday 2nd March 12-4pm Camden

Wednesday 10th March 12-4pm On-Line 

Tuesday 23rd March 12-4pm Camden 

Sunday 28th March 12-4pm On-Line 

Wednesday 31st March 12-4pm Camden 

The Film Actors Academy  
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