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How long is the course?

1 year to be fully assessed although a member can stay longer, the longest being 7 years so far.

Can you postpone or cancel any time?

Yes without penalty or any charge.

Can I upgrade to full time from part time?

Yes you can.

What will I study?

The 30 principles of screen acting which is an Accredited Course.

Do I need acting experience?

No we caters for beginners.


Is there an audition process to join the Academy?

Yes with full support and guidance to help you.

Is this course open to European students?

Yes. We have a number of European students at the academy.

Where is the course based?

Camden in London.

What age group is it for?

16 years and above although we do teach younger students at other schools.

How long is each masterclass?

5 hours (12-5pm)

What is the schools aim / goal?

As an accredited academy we provide important skills for you to be the best in the audition room.

Do you teach anything else other than acting (directing, writing, etc.) ?

We have a directors academy and the acting course covers script writing and inner dialogue. We also have a film makers course.

How many actors per class?

10 on average

Can I come and watch a class to see what it's like before I join?


Can I pay my fees monthly?


What forms of payment do you accept?

Monthly direct debit / standing order

Is there private coaching available?