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As usual, your familiarity with the 30 Principles is required.

Through this link you can access our continuation of "Anatomy of the gag" which has the film scene reference of "The Garden" which I would like you to self tape and send over to me during April as the character Chance or the American President. (For the replies either imagine this / get someone to read in for you / or record the audio of the other characters dialogue).

A variance of "the gag" is to understand where it sits in terms of dark comedy E.g. Good verses evil.

Another way is to find originality through the opposite of cliche.

In the video below, you will see myself and 2 academy members in training from 2015 Ray and Paul (now distinction members)

indulging in serious and dark dialogue which is made light by the characters opposite archetypes and mood.

This could be classed as very British in relation to "Being There" but there is a connection with Peter Sellers who is primarily British underneath it all.


Another way of describing human behaviour with this darkness is when people sometimes laugh to cover up

the tears of their situation or encounter.

Scene from Retro Academy 2015.

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