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Most of us enjoy watching a great Film Trailer especially if it gets us in the mood to go and see the Movie. 

Here at The Film Actors Academy, we are very used to creating Film Trailers for our own productions and have received many awards for doing so. 

As part of our exploration of enjoying and Mastering the art of film, we have created The Film Trailer Experience Day where we define great performances in front of the camera. 

During the day, we break down certain elements of your performance to be shown in the Trailer whether it be a Horror, Action or Rom Com, these choices are given with a scripted scene in advance before attending and written spciifically by The Film Actors Academy fully licenced for you to have edited afterwards.  

The Film Trailer Experience day is filled with expertise for complete beginners in film acting. 

Our aim is to assist in creating the best performance in front of camera for a finalised edited film trailer (Licensed by The Film Actors Academy including script / third party footage and music)

On average there are12 participants who team up as partners who engage in each allocated scene.

The day starts with practise and feedback from your allocated Film Director in readiness for filming 

your chosen Film Trailer scene.  

Whilst rehearsals are taking place, the other members see the performances on a large screen as part of their preparation to be filmed later in the day. 

After breaking for lunch which is included in the Film Trailer Experience day, the filmset with crew is created for the actors and actresses to perform in front of which will be edited and sent to you shortly afterwards with enhanced third party footage to add to the impact of each performance.   

The training during the day is authentic and stems from the Academy Accredited skillset with the underline freedom to perform and enjoy the process of exploring the enjoyment of performing in front of camera. 


What Film Trailer Experiences do you do?

How long is the day?

12-5pm including regular breaks and lunch.

Where is the Film Trailer Experience Day?

What's for lunch?

Lunch is supplied on site 

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