April 2020 Short Film Study 

This section of coursework for the end of March and throughout April could be deemed as more thought provoking and motivational rather than an improvement towards our art of film acting although I do personally  like the skills involved in this months featured short film "Dirty Machines" especially around their inner dialogue and energy work.


A quick question for you...Have you ever sometimes noticed people starring at you for no apparent reason?

I quite often get this and to alleviate any potential stress, I've thought to myself, wouldn't it be great if these people were time travellers coming to observe me before I achieve my greatest goals in life. 

The film "Dirty Machines" engrosses itself in this concept. One of the things we will all pursue throughout our careers and times at the Academy is to find our connection with Life and the Universe regardless of our outlook in terms of Religion, Spirituality or Scientific approach.

There are often signs to help us in terms of being on the right path or to confirm our faith to carry on our existing journey or not as the case maybe.

I'd like to share one of my signs which bore through when watching this movie. 

In it you will see reference to one of the characters back story relating to Iraq and the Kurdish plight with Genocide. 

They use the same pictures that were re-inacted in our film 16/03 which won the National Film Awards last year.

This was the surprising and defining moment for me to share this film with you although I do think the narrator makes light of this historical tragedy.


You can see the same imagery in the 16/03 film trailer at the bottom of this page after watching the Dirty Machines. 


My first film "COOLIO - (Change Original Ordinary Lives Interface Oracle) engaged in the vigilante approach of time travel, you can also see a highlighted scenes below.   

 I look forward to discussing it all with you when I see you next on-line. 

Retro Academy Scene 2011 Film COOLIO (Change Ordinary Lives Interface Oracle).

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