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The objective of this section is to rate and critique any movie recommendations from members.

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Acting (lead cast)

Acting (Principle cast) 

Story / Plot




Make up

Film sets

A movie review is about the equilibrium of unbiased report and personal opinion. While it’s okay to say what you think about the movie, you also have to approach certain aspects in an objective manner to help the reader get a better understanding of the motion picture. 


A review by Paul J Lane (Film Director & Film Coach)

There is good and bad all over this movie and I'm not just talking about the characters. Whilst I was highly entertained and drawn in, there were a few misdemeanors which I'd love to share with you followed by the euphoria of being sucker-punched and never wanting it to end. I am quietly excited by the lead actor Mads Mikkelsen interview which suggests a follow up soon. 

So misdemeanors first, the assassins were somewhat unbelievable whilst at the same time nicely matched in terms of these guys hanging out together killing people at will. They were easy to hate on a few levels which means the Directer was doing his job properly as well as the actors. In saying that, they lacked backstory which may have been time consuming in the movie run-time however without this, I rarely cared about them if at all.

As i've said many times before, every second counts on screen and every principle character must be established and concluded. I was so happy to see the great Richard Dreyfus (Best known for the original Jaws) pop up at the end and I'm guessing his character conclusion must be in the follow up (Revenge is sweet and I can't wait for this one).

On a different level, I felt the colour grade was poor at times however after watching the interview, I'm guessing the edit was split in two in portraying the different types of lifestyle being defined. My only real complaint in this movie relates to the casting of Matt Lucus,  I am a fan of his work however he was far too theatrical and really weak as the main villain. For me, a true villain is one that you may expect to win and probably the best villain I have experienced on the big screen goes way back to the 90's but maybe, just maybe it was because I knew his backstory which was established with his blood-line as exampled below. (2 of my favourite actors Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken).

Some members may find this scene offensive but more probably, it will get your blood boiling.

So now the good stuff

I totally adored the main 2 characters and their skill set, they defined minimalism at the right time and totally connected when it mattered the most. Their interpretation of the story arch was perfect by creating a question mark in the right places and then answering all of them relevantly.

I personally would love to work with both of them for 2 simple reasons, the first being that they belonged in their film world in a totally original way and their voice textures just grabbed me every time. 

Here is my rating breakdown. 

Acting (lead cast) 5

Acting (Principle cast) 3

Story / Plot 4

Costume 4

Editing 4

Stunts 4

Make up 4

Film sets 4

Full rating is 4 

Mads Mikkelsen & Vanessa Hudgens.

Please let me know if you would like to make a review of this film and send it over so I can upload it here or start with a new one from Netflix.

Polar film review by Monica Lubranou Professional Actress.

Polar is riddled with violence, nudity and sex. Though the story line, a hit man wanted by his
boss for his retirement fund, is intriguing, the movie itself was like a mix between a graphic
novel and a video game gone wrong.
The colour grading started off extremely bright and switched to normal then bright then
dark… well so on so forth, leaving the viewer with a bit of a headache. Im not sure if the
director wanted this, but the way the film was edited seemed to me like a failed attempt to
copy Quentin Tarantino.
Mads Mikkleson portrayal of the Kaiser was amazing and to me it seemed like it was the
only character that had depth or was somewhat relatable. The assassins where not
believable, you didn't think that they would exist in real life and at times they just resembled
comic book characters, especially the actress playing Sindy, who in my opinion was trying
too hard to resemble Harleigh Quin.
It wasn’t all bad. As stated in the start the story line was intriguing with a political undertone to
it. The locations and set fit the movie perfectly, the SFX make up was believable I actually
had to turn my head away at a few points.

Acting (lead cast) 5*
Acting (Principal cast) 3*
Make up 5*
Editing 3*
Stunts 4*
Film sets 5*
Story 4*
Costume 4*
Overall Rating is: 4*

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