paul j lane

Paul J Lane is a qualified Coach as well as an Award Winning  Film Director who has Directed the following Actors in Film. (Click on each photo & hyperlink for IMDb and please note that the videos on this page are at viewers discretion). He is the founder of the Film Actors Academy and writer of its 30 Principles for Film Acting.

Paul's clients have won notable roles acting opposite worthy A-Listers such as Rebecca Ferguson (Dune) and Jodie Comer (Killing Eve) and the equivalent at the BBC, Sky, HBO and Netflix.

Paul has personally won 20 IMDb recognised film awards including 4 official nominations at the National Film Awards and collectively received 51 awards through The Film Actors Academy in London alongside his clients.


Eddie Webber

Eddie has worked alongside and with 

Tom Bell & Nick Love

Geoff Bell

Geoff has worked alongside and with 

Steven Spielberg & Guy Ritchie


Silvio Simac (Film Actor training with Paul)

Silvio has worked alongside and with 

Jason Statham & Bob Hoskins

Kevin Leslie and Paul J Lane

Brian Croucher

Brian has worked alongside and with 

Clive Owen & Sean Bean 

Kevin Leslie

Kevin has worked alongside and with 

Simon Cotton  & Cheryl Neve


Vicki Michelle MBE

Vicky has worked alongside and with 

Danny Dyer & Gordon Kaye

Crispian Belfrage

Crispian has worked alongside and with 

Brian Cox & Oliver Merckx

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