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Award Winning Film Director Paul J Lane Acting Class Video shared on The Film Actors Club website (V

Paul J Lane grew up on the outskirts of London England, here he was influenced by his parents business of film hire retail shops where as a teenager had full exposure to every genre of film in the 1980's. This was a decade of less restricted censorship which left a mark on his cinematic eye allowing him to deliver the darkness and the light of emotion in each story he tells. Paul's apprenticeship in film was initially through music video which inspired him to create an artist development school giving him the opportunity to create his first feature film for his song writers and singers. Upon orchestrating the auditions for this film, he saw a need to develop actors so he created The Film Actors Club in 2012 which has been given 6 IMDb listed awards from his influence as a Film Director, Film Actor and Film Acting Coach.

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