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Take a look at our increasing tally of Film Making Awards @ The Film Actors Club

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Professional Film Director and Film Acting Coach Paul J Lane has had a unique journey in film. Transforming from 15 years experience in music video, his work lingers in stylisation and imagery of story telling which often causes multiple doses of cinematic and musical stimuli.

He believes that the true craft of film making is capturing the performances of each character driven by the true connoisseurs of film notably known as "The Actors."

Paul and his team have made 3 features and 9 short films since making his first film COOLIO and won awards in directing, script writing, cinematography and acting. He personally has a tally of 13 Awards in film making (9 IMDb Awards / 4 External Film Festival Awards and 3 IMDb Nominations). There are 7 awards and nominations for his educational programme clients and 20 IMDb Awards with 8 Nominations for his Film Actors Club production company.

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